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FREE WEBINAR: Change & Resistance

An Inseparable Couple: Addressing this hurdle in Change

Change Resistance can be a major challenge for organizations wanting to move forward, but with proper guidance and insight, need not be! On December 14, 2022, Dr. Antonius Greiner will join us at 4PM CET / 10AM EST in a FREE WEBINAR presented by Change Institute and Heitger+ by KPMG to provide insights how to navigate this difficult problem.

Why is change resistance important to address?

Resistance to change is one of the most common challenges in any transformation initiative. According to Jarret Jackson, CEO of Magpie Insights, and contributor to Forbes, change resistance continues to be a real issue even after the Covid-19 pandemic forced people and organizations to implement changes in short time. Eventually those last years were actually counterproductive for change readiness in organizations, as the pandemic also cause much higher uncertainty and adaption fatigue levels - core drivers of resistance.

A survey conducted this summer among real estate and construction companies by KPMG Vietnam confirms the relevance of the topic, as the responses highlighted resistance to change to be among the top three barriers for implementing new technologies in organizations.

The experts from KMPG Netherlands even define low change resistance as one of five key elements, necessary to develop an innovation culture in organizations. According to the authors high change resistance has the potential to bring global industry leaders to fall, like it did with Kodak, whose leadership refused to transition to digital photography.

So, what do we hope to achieve?

In this webinar, Dr. Greiner is going to provide insights for:

  • developing a different perspective on resistance
  • learning new ways of interpreting resistance
  • enriching your toolbox to handle resistance

Being a partner at Heitger+ by KPMG, Dr. Greiner is a leading expert on the topic of Change Management and Change Resistance, having worked in the industry for years. Dr. Greiner is additionally involved in several teaching assignments at various renowned universities, including the University of Economics Vienna, as well as the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg.

Come and join us for this free webinar on the 14th of December 2022 at 4PM CET / 10AM EST to unlock the secrets of Change Resistance with Dr. Antonius Greiner!

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