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Jo Twiselton: Leading the Conversation on Personal Resilience in Change

Learn how personal resilience helps leaders thrive and better navigate turbulent changes in their organization and personal life in this upcoming webinar

Resilience is a word often heard these days, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic, and some might even feel it is already overused. However, Jo Twiselton, an expert in change with over 30 years of experience, believes that as we continue to face disruptions and change, the conversation on resilience and an individual’s responsibility to adapt to change needs to continue.

Jo is the founder of Twist Consultants and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Coining herself as a change specialist, she has spent most of her career managing change and transitions in multiple sectors ranging from technology and engineering to professional services, not-for-profit, and retail. Her expertise in communications, coaching, facilitation, wellbeing and change approaches enables her to help organizations focus on people during times of change, keeping disruption down, and reducing risk, distraction, anxiety, and stress with all stakeholders involved.

In her upcoming webinar with Change Institute, Jo will be exploring what resilience is and its importance during times of disruption and change- not only focusing on organizations but giving personal strategies that leaders can use when embarking on difficult transitions. By dispelling the myths around resilience and outlining practical advice through her huge arsenal of experience, participants attending this session are sure to come away with new resilience toolkits or additions to what they already have.

The world today demands adaptability from leaders not only in their working lives but in the wider world as well, which means building resilience is needed now more than ever. Resilience allows individuals and organizations to "bounce back" from difficult circumstances, which is an invaluable asset in times of crisis. Developing this skill is essential in navigating periods of disruption and change, as it provides leaders with the tools they need to not only handle difficult situations but also find opportunities hidden within them. With the right guidance and support, leaders can become even better equipped to manage chaos and thrive under pressure.

With so many unexpected changes and disruptions, leaders must build their personal resilience to face these challenges with confidence and agility. Don't miss the chance to join Jo Twiselton on her upcoming free webinar “Personal Resilience in Change” and learn how to build personal resilience to effectively navigate through change. Prepare for an insightful conversation and join us on Thursday, March 30, 2023, at 4 pm CET, (3 pm UK | 10 pm Singapore). Reserve your seat here.

Discover Jo Twiselton's expert insights on personal resilience and change by reading her publications on the Twist Consultants blog and her article "New research reveals how leaders can support wellbeing during change" published in Influence.


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