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Burnout in the Workplace: What Leaders Can Do About It

Workplace burnout, worsened by the pandemic, stems from unhealthy organizational culture. To create lasting change, leaders must prioritize empathic communication, resilient leadership, and a change in perspective. The article presents five strategies to alleviate burnout, emphasizing the need for tailored approaches, continuous effort, empathy, and adaptability from its leaders.

Successful Leadership in Times of Constant Change

Christian Lasch writes about what it takes for a leader to be truly successful. Hint: It's all about personality, mindset, and a proper working environment.

Understanding Change Management: What is It and Why is It Important?

Change management is a systematic approach for managing transition in organizations. Originating during the industrial revolution, it's aimed at minimizing disruption and ensuring long-term success of changes. The process includes preparing, managing, and reinforcing change. It requires a spectrum of roles from top management, change champions, managers and even HR. In today's fast-paced business world, mastering change management is crucial and can be achieved through formal training, practical experience, and enhancing communication and emotional intelligence.
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