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Leading in a BANI World: Navigating Complexity and Embracing Resilient Leadership

Insights from the "Leading in our BANI World" Webinar with Tomas Jiskra

Today's world is perpetually evolving, increasing the demand for resilient leadership to navigate through constant change. This was the focus of Change Institute’s recent webinar titled "Leading in our BANI World," featuring guest speaker and Change Institute Change Mentor Tomas Jiskra, a seasoned CEO and expert in leadership, innovation, scale-up management, and digitization. The webinar provided valuable insights into the challenges leaders face in the modern world and how to embrace resilience in the face of constant change. Here are the highlights from the webinar:

Understanding the BANI Model

Christopher Kummer introducing Tomas Jiskra in the Change Institute webinar

The webinar introduced the BANI model, which stands for Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible. This model was developed by futurist Jamais Cascio to explain the complexities and challenges of the current business landscape. Replacing the VUCA model (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) - a model used since the 1980s - the BANI model provides a new lens to understand the dynamic business environment. Fundamentally, the BANI model serves as an effective compass for leaders, guiding more informed decision-making, fostering resilience, and paving the way for sustainable success.

Breaking Down the BANI Model

Visualization of the BANI Framework and what is required to address each component

Tomas Jiskra delved into each component of the BANI model, providing a deeper understanding of its implications for leaders:

  1. BRITTLE: To address Brittleness, Tomas stressed the need for agility and adaptability, urging leaders to move beyond conventional, potentially inadequate approaches.
  2. ANXIOUS: To address Anxiety, leaders must recognize the fears and anxieties that accompany rapid changes. Tomas emphasized fostering an inclusive culture where apprehensions are addressed, leading to trust, motivation, and collaboration.
  3. NON-LINEAR: On non-linearity, Tomas highlighted that in today’s rapidly changing world, the cause-and-effect relationships are no longer as clean-cut, complicating the decision-making process. He advocates for an agile approach, embracing experimentation, rapid iteration, and continuous feedback.
  4. INCOMPREHENSIBLE: Amidst overwhelming information thus leading to incomprehensibility, Tomas stressed effective validation and understanding. By encouraging critical thinking and diverse perspectives, leaders can harness knowledge for sustainable success.

Embracing Resilient Leadership

To navigate the BANI world successfully, Tomas Jiskra emphasized the importance of resilient leadership. He shared insights on how leaders can help their teams grow and develop the skills necessary to thrive in a complex environment. One approach he discussed was the agile method of breaking down big problems into smaller, manageable steps. This allows for regular feedback, adaptation, and a safe-to-fail environment. By empowering teams and fostering open communication, leaders can create a supportive culture that embraces resilience.

Addressing Audience Questions

Throughout the webinar, participants had the opportunity to ask questions related to mindset change, appreciating the concept of BANI, reducing anxiety among employees, and the impact of technology on leadership. Tomas Jiskra provided practical advice, stressing the importance of transparency, honesty, and communication in building trust and addressing fears. He also acknowledged the challenges posed by technology and emphasized the need for real-time data and effective information validation.

Wrapping it Up

In a world that is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex, resilient leadership is essential. The webinar on leading in a BANI world provided valuable insights into the challenges leaders face and how to navigate them successfully. By understanding the BANI model and embracing resilient leadership practices, leaders can empower their teams and guide them through constant change. With an agile approach and a focus on growth, organizations can thrive in the face of uncertainty and leverage the possibilities that the future holds.

Watch the full webinar on LinkedIn or YouTube

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