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Becoming a Change Champion: A Pathway to Leadership

This article guides you through the process of becoming a Change Champion, a key leader of change in any organization. It explains the roles and responsibilities of a Change Champion, from advocating for changes, addressing issues, ensuring clear communication, to monitoring progress. You'll also find tips to hone the crucial skills a Change Champion needs, including adaptability, strong communication, problem-solving, and empathy. Regardless of your job title, you can become a Change Champion if you're eager to learn, inspire, and lead change. Take the lead in your organization by embracing this transformational role.

Building Resilience: Brain Hacks for Leaders to Thrive in Constant Change

Discover five brain hacks for business leaders to enhance neuroplasticity and build resilience, empowering them to navigate organizational change and foster a healthier work environment.

Change Management in the Digital Age: Leading Organizations to Resilience During Digital Transformation

This article delves into the nuanced differences between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation, integral aspects of practicing proper change management and resilient leadership in the digital age. Digitization, the initial step, involves converting analog data into digital format. Digitalization extends digitization to optimize business processes. Digital Transformation, however, represents a sweeping organizational shift, embedding digital technology across business operations and altering the value delivery to customers. It's not merely a technological shift but a cultural one, requiring resilient leadership that is willing to challenge the status quo and embrace the risk of failure. Understanding these stages is vital for leaders spearheading digital transformations in their organizations, leveraging change as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Change Management- 5 Essential Skills For The Change Manager

Many companies accept that managing organizational change in the modern world has become a part of everyday operations. Astute organizations have even begun to develop a permanent function within themselves to specifically manage change, which we call enterprise change management capability, staffed by specialized change practitioners. Today’s change managers are called to develop a multi-disciplinary skill set that comprises a unique blend of business savvy, interpersonal skills, and creativity in order to manage all the moving parts of an organization. In this article, we take a look at five key skills to have when managing change. While these skills are crucial for change practitioners and senior level executives, they are of course invaluable for anyone involved in change initiatives in order to maximize success.

Change Management- An Overview

The technological advancements and cultural paradigm shifts of today’s modern world call on all companies, big and small, to continuously adapt to changes in the environment around them. For those individuals and organizations looking to take a more proactive approach to these conditions, Change Management training is quickly becoming a top priority. But what exactly is Change Management? In this article, we will provide a brief history and overview of this highly sought-after skill set. 

Dealing with Resistance

The ultimate goal of any change initiative is to establish new patterns of behavior amongst members of an organization and sustain them until they become part of the organizational culture. While it’s easy for an executive to make high-minded proclamations about how they want to change things in their company, how well the employees of an organization adopt changes in the workplace can quickly determine the success or failure of a change initiative. The task every change manager is faced with is to find ways to gather support from each member in the organization for the intended changes. Consequently, there is no success in change management without individual behavior change.
November 28, 2022
Change Management - Blogs

FREE WEBINAR: Change & Resistance

Change Resistance can be a major challenge for organizations wanting to move forward, but with proper guidance and insight, need not be! On 14th December 2022, Dr. Antonius Greiner will join us at 4PM CET / 10AM EST in a FREE WEBINAR presented by Change Institute and Heitger+ by KPMG and show you how to navigate this difficult problem.
November 22, 2022
Change Management - Blogs


Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, November 30, 4PM CET titled: MANAGING CHANGE Falls Short Without LEADERSHIP with Sebastian Bahner,

Jo Twiselton: Leading the Conversation on Personal Resilience in Change

Jo Twiselton, a change specialist, is leading the conversation on resilience in times of great change. In her upcoming webinar with Change Institute, she will discuss strategies and tips for developing strong mental resilience that can be applied to any situation, as well as developing one’s resilience toolkit. Learn how personal resilience helps leaders thrive and better navigate turbulent changes in their organization and personal life in this upcoming webinar.

Leading in Our BANI World with Tomas Jiskra – A Change Institute Webinar

Learn to navigate our unpredictable BANI world with expert Tomas Jiskra in Change Institute's free webinar on April 26, 2023, at 4:00 PM CET. Acquire valuable skills for adapting to change and tackling challenges. Register now.

Leading in a BANI World: Navigating Complexity and Embracing Resilient Leadership

The webinar "Leading in our BANI World" explored the challenges of navigating complexity in today's business landscape. Speaker Tomas Jiskra emphasized the importance of resilient leadership and provided practical strategies for empowering teams and fostering adaptability. By breaking down problems into manageable steps and promoting open communication, leaders can guide their organizations through constant change and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

The Change Champion: The Missing Link to Organizational Success

This article delves into the importance of Change Champions within an organization, especially in an era defined by constant change. Change Champions, who may come from any level within the organization, are individuals capable of driving and facilitating successful transitions during change periods. They bridge the gap between management and staff, encouraging commitment to change initiatives, thus acting as a catalyst for successful organizational transformation. Furthermore, this piece highlights key qualities to look for when identifying potential Change Champions and suggests ways in which leaders can nurture and support them. It concludes by emphasizing the role of leaders in guiding, supporting, and acknowledging Change Champions, who can make an organization more resilient and adaptable, leading to long-term growth and success.

The Role of Change Champions and Resilient Leadership in Building Strong Remote Teams

Explore how resilient leadership and the cultivation of Change Champions can facilitate successful transitions to remote work. With concrete strategies for fostering a healthy remote work culture and supporting Change Champions, it presents an approach for organizations to not just survive but thrive in the new work landscape.

Webinar Recap: Jo Twiselton on Building Personal Resilience for Change and Uncertainty

Explore the key takeaways from this thought-provoking webinar to learn how leaders can develop self-awareness, self-care, and energy management strategies for navigating the multitude of challenges we face today.

Webinar Recap: The Change Management Office – M&A Gamechanger?

In this webinar recap, learn why change management is critical for M&A success and how to approach it effectively featuring Peter Steward and Sandra Egloff of Cognizant. Discover the importance of change management, building change agent networks, and prioritizing the employee experience to achieve successful integration and talent retention. Let the Change Management Office guide you through this complex process.

Wired for Resilience: The Link Between Brain Development and Effective Leadership

Exploring the neuroscience behind resilient leadership, the role of neuroplasticity in brain development, and its implications on the personal growth and success of leaders when facing constant organizational change.
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